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contoh interview bahasa inggris

A: tell me about yourself !

R: my name rega setiadi permana. i just graduated from university galuh majoring in English literature. i am a fast learner and a team worker. i have experinces in some organitation when i studied in my campus.

A: how do you know about this company ?

R: I have read in a brochure that tells about interpreting services by this company. and I am     interested to join this company.

A: why should we hire you ?

R: because i am a hard worker so, when my boss give me some job a will do it perfectly and a have         some experiences working in some company. i will bring my skill into carier in this company.

A:what parts of your education do you see as relevant to this position ?

    what skills and qualities can you bring to this position?

R: I am graduated from university majoring in English literature galuh I think are relevant to this position.

I have worked for Cipaganti travel as a translator language so, I have experience for this company.

A:what is your work philosophy ?

R: my philosophy is no fear to be confident because when i do some thing a should confident to my self and the result will be the best or better.

A:are you a team player ? tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others.

R: yes, i am. when i worked in cipaganti travel, i working as the part of the team to manage a big project. there was some problem, there are two opinion and i decide which is the good one and the reason i choose it.

A: what motivates you to work here ?

R: i am very love anything about in English literature , this company give me an opportunity and i don’t want to neglect it.

A: how much salary do you expect to have ?

R: it’s depend on your company, but you should consider about my ability to work.

A: how long will you stay with us ?

R: i will work here as possible can because i want to continue my study while i work here. if you don’t mind.

A: what do you see yourself doing two years from now ?

R: i will continue my study as told you before.

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